The Love Project

This kitchen renovation makes our list of top projects we’ve worked on to date. We not only love the end result, but also the process of working with this wonderful couple on their first renovation. Sometimes as designers we get thrown in the middle of opinions and emotions and have to act as “therapist”, but that was far from the case here. Their personalities and their love for one another shined through in every detail of their new kitchen.

After purchasing a home they adored, it was clear the outdated early 2000s kitchen had to go. The brown cabinets, drab granite countertops, and overall lack of character didn’t fit this couple’s idea for their dream kitchen. We wanted to introduce modern touches, while still maintaining a timeless, organic feel.

The white cabinets brought freshness and simplicity to the space, allowing the natural stone pattern of the countertops and backspace to really shine. The minimal plaster hood, open shelving, and brass sconces create just enough visual interest without cluttering the focus.

Maybe our favorite element of the room, the kitchen island table, brings in the necessary antique and organic feel to balance out the whole space. We can’t imagine the room with any other centerpiece.

The final element of this renovation was the coffee nook and sitting area, extending just beyond the kitchen. We incorporated built-ins in a bold pop of color with the functional space for a sink, espresso machine, and storage. It has truly become the perfect space to brew a fresh cup of coffee and snuggle up with a good book.

Every element came together just how we’d imagined it, and we are so excited for our clients to enjoy the new heart of their home for a long time to come. It’s fitting that this was the ‘Love’ project, because we simply have no other words to describe it: we just love it. We hope you do too!

Photos by: Erin Bratcher Photography

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