The Premo Project

When you think of living spaces in your home where you want to focus design energy, a bonus room is not often the first place to come to mind. It can be a forgotten space; storing the extra toys or hiding the treadmill in the corner. We’re so glad that this family chose to invest in a space that would truly allow their family to spend more quality time together.

Often times bonus rooms are fairly large with high ceilings, which are not the most conducive to comfortable, cozy spaces. One of our primary goals was to bring warmth to this room. The deep blue floral wallpaper and complimentary blue wall paint color accomplish just that. We even painted the ceiling this rich blue color to allow the paint to encapsulate the room entirely.

One of our favorite elements of the room; the floor to ceiling built-ins on the far wall. These allowed us to not only add a large amount of storage space (which who can ever have enough of?), but also create a functional desk space.

Lastly, tucked in one of the built-in cabinets, you’ll find a secret door to the “Boys Club”. This hidden, miniature playroom is the perfect addition to the bonus room and we’re so glad we could bring this whimsical idea to life.

We’re now convinced that every home should have a secret hideout. What do you think?

Photos by: Erin Bratcher Photography

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