Favorites From Our Family Photoshoot

Family photoshoot day: the sometimes chaotic but always fun day of the year that we put on our best outfits and hope we can get a photo with everyone smiling. I know all my mamas out there can relate!

I am absolutely in love with the photos that my dear friend Erin Bratcher took. There’s nothing like seeing a photo that perfectly captures the personality of your family. Erin is incredibly talented and also shoots all of my design project photos.

This year was particularly crazy because our house was not photo-ready the day before the shoot. We had just wrapped up a couple of projects in our house and I had sub-contractors coming in and out the week before. That left me with one day to completely re-style our spaces starting from blank walls. Not stressful at all, right?

Thankfully another dear friend of mine helped me style and organize the children’s books on our new library wall and it came out exactly as I’d hoped.

I’ll post more about our full home design progress soon, so consider this a sneak-peak of some of the near finished spaces.

This is our first holidays with Goldie, the newest addition to the Casha family. It’s so fun getting to see all of the kids interacting with each other, and of course, everyone wants to hold Goldie for the photos.

It’s easy to be critical of yourself in photos. As a mom of five, I don’t always have moments where I get to feel sexy. Erin snapped a couple shots of me that I absolutely love. I am forever indebted to you, my friend.

I hope you love these photos as much as I do. Now, which one to use for the Christmas card?

Photos by: Erin Bratcher Photography

  1. Erin Bratcher says:

    I love this post so much!!! You are stunning inside and out. Love you friend!

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